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Amazing Nature

and Secret of


From the temple of the golden city and unique

Lifestyle of Laotian to the spectacular Sight of Kuangsi Waterfalls and much more..

Explore Amazing and Secret

Nature of LuangPrabang

5 Days 4 Nights Hotel accommodation

Start : Luangprabang

End  : Luangprabang

Physical Rating : Easy

Suitable for : All ages

Best Season : October-July

CUSTOMIzable for

4Days 3Nights

3Days 2Nights

Chasing Waterfalls 

In LuangPrabang

4 Days 3 Nights Hotel Accommodation

Start : Luangprabang

End : Luangprabang

Physical Rating : Medium

Suitable for : All ages

Best Season : October - July

CUSTOMIzable for

Upon Request.

Talk to Us.

Find Out More

Explore Northern Laos

8 Days 7 Night Hotel Accommodation

Start : Vientiane 

End : LuangPrabang

Physical Rating : Medium

Suitable for : 8-60 Yrs Old

Best Season : July-January

CUSTOMIzable for

6Days 5Nights

5Days 4Nights

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