Project MyLaoDrinkingWater by YEP Ngee Ann Polytechnic @ Khokmun Village

Hosted by MyLaoHome & Uplift Laos, Youth Expedition Project (YEP) students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic embarked on Project MyLaoDrinkingWater, a bio-sand filtration project to provide clean drinkable water to the villagers in Khokmun Village.

With low set-up cost and no recurrent cost, the bio-sand filtration system helps to remove up to 97% of bacteria. In addition, it also removes turbidity, iron and manganese. The end product does not have weird taste to it.

In 2 weeks, the students completed the project which will benefit about 80 local students and more than 1000 villagers. They also refurbished the classroom and taught the children English.

Through the hardships, the students had developed interpersonal skills. They had fun playing with the children and got to know each other’s culture better. From acquaintance to friends, the students had developed close-knitted relationships in this trip.


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