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Afs Design Airbus A320 Torrent (Updated 2022)




The A320 is a turbofan-engine, short- to medium-range, narrow body, commercial passenger . The A320 family uses the same fuselage as the . First flown on 18 April 1989, with a first production prototype in July 1994, the A320 became the fastest selling jetliner, with over 35,000 delivered . The A320 is used in a wide range of roles, including regional airliners, narrowbody and widebody operations, aerial refueling, freighter conversions, military transport, and executive and charter . It is the largest family of single-aisle airplanes in the world, with more than 600 variants. The first production airplane was delivered on 18 April 1989 by Ryanair and 13 more were delivered in the following months, with first revenue flights on 15 November 1989 . The first flight of an Airbus A320F on 2 February 1990, was a public event at Ghent-Bruges Airport . The first full-scale production aircraft entered service with Austrian Airlines in March 1994 , with the first commercial flight of an A320 on 30 March 1994. The first A320 production aircraft was delivered in January 1995 , while the first A320F was delivered to Austrian Airlines in January 1997. In 2008, 58,823 A320 aircraft were delivered, up from 52,410 in 2005. The Airbus A320 is also one of the most common aircraft types in the world, with nearly 450 operators. Powered by a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PW1000G turbofan engine, the A320 is a low-wing, twin-turboprop aircraft with retractable tricycle landing gear. It has a four-abreast seating arrangement for up to 196 passengers and is typically configured with 8 passenger exits and 2 overhead bins. A version of the A320 is designated A319, although it is not always referred to as such by airlines and, when in operation, this design has a  on the left side of its nose and the registration in the US is N188AS. The Airbus A320 family is the second largest member of the Airbus, after the A380, and the fifth largest commercial jet airliner. In addition to the A320, the Airbus A320 family includes two other aircraft: the Airbus A321 and the Airbus A319. The family is designed for short- to medium-range, high-volume passenger . A - Family Overview The A320



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Afs Design Airbus A320 Torrent (Updated 2022)

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