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Electricity is such an essential in our lives and yet not everyone has access to it. According to World Bank, only 87.1% of Laotians have access to electricity. Due to the unfavourable location of these villages, building infrastructure to supply electricity is a complex project. Therefore, building solar panel would be more effective.


A solar panel is made up of many photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight from Mother Nature into electricity using a controller and a battery to store the energy. This method is environmental-friendly as compared to burning fossil fuels.


Earthlink, a community group from Singapore National Technological University (NTU), has partnered with MyLaoHome for their programme, Ecoventure. Together with Andrew from Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Singapore and David from Asherlight Energy Pte Ltd and Rezecca Renewables Pte Ltd, we have built solar panels around the country to provide the locals with sustainable energy. This partnership has lasted for 4 years and is still ongoing.

2018 ecoventure 

From 11 to 22 June 2018, a team of 17 NTU students embarked on Ecoventure 2018 to Ban Lad Kuem, Oudomxay Province, Laos to install solar panels, conduct enrichment programmes and introduce a social entrepreneurship programme in the village. The social entrepreneurship programme proposed to the village was intended to provide light to homes in Ban Lad Kuem through a rechargeable powerbank rental system. The team provided 4 sets of powerbanks attached with a USB LED light each to be used as a portable light source at home. In this way, each household could rent a set from the primary school at a small cost and once the powerbank was depleted, they would return the entire set to the primary school. The principal or school teachers would recharge the powerbank with the solar power harvested by the panels and the set could be rented to another family subsequently. Money earned from this social enterprise would be managed by the primary school principal and used to maintain the solar panel in the long run or to replace faulty parts if required.

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2016 ecoventure

With the solar panel built in Ban Hua Hin, Udomxai Province, the villagers have access to electricity. Lights and fans are able to operate which provide a more conductive environment for the children to learn. 

2015 ecoventure

The students made a meaningful difference to the lives of the villagers in Ban Phongsavanh. Electrical supply is critical to a local clinic in times of life and death situation as one will need to travel for an hour by speed boat to the town to seek medical attention. With access to electricity, the clinic is able to store medical supplies in a fridge which will be used during emergency.

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2014 ecoventure

Efforts of the students have benefited the villagers in Ban Latkhamoun, Oudomxay Province.  The villagers now have access to free electricity to continue with their daily activities.

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